Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Biggest Childhood Fear

My biggest childhood fear was of "The Spooks". The Spooks were ghostly, goblin-like creatures that came out of the walls mostly at night or in a dark room. I remember my grandpa taking me and my older sister to his old work building where he claimed the spooks lived. We had to go down the stairs to leave out the back door, but before we did we were supposed to touch the "special spot". By doing this we were safe from the Spooks and they would let us pass. I think my grandpa unintentionally brought on a lot of the fear just by referring to them here and there and my imagination took over after that. I would be laying in bed and think the spooks were coming out of my walls and I would run as fast as a could, skillfully avaoiding the walls, to turn my lights on. My Mom would tell me that Spooks aren't real and that I would be fine but I didn't always beleive her. I remember feeling like the Spooks were going to get me, but I tried to be brave and see how long I could lay in bed with my eyes closed before they did. Every night that time became longer and longer until I grew old enough to know that ghouls can't really come out of the walls, or even exist.